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  • Salt S2 Pepper Pistol Kit


    The Salt S2 Pepper Pistol provides you with the non-lethal protection of pepper projectiles to keep you and your loved ones safe.

    1 x S2 Pistol
    2 x 5 Round Magazine
    5 x Training Projectiles
    5 x Solid Projectiles
    5 x CS10 Irritant Projectiles
    1 x 12g CO2 Cartridge
    1 x User Manual

  • Pepper Blaster Kit


    1 x Pepper Blaster
    1 x Pouch
    4 x Pepper Filled Cartridges
    6 x Happy Snappers
    1 x Safety Clip





5-Year Shelf Life


Direct Stream


Ozone Friendly




Sensory Incapacitation

Pepper Blaster

Introducing the new PEPPER BLASTER which is a unique LESS-LETHAL, multi-application self-defence tool that can protect you from a safe distance. NO licensing is required for the use of this self-defence tool.

The ergonomic design and light weight material allows for a comfortable feel and easy to use device.

Effects Of The Pepper Blaster When Used As A Defence System

In any defence situation, the goal is to disorientate or demobilize the attacker/assailant. This in turn gives the defendant/person in danger time to get to safety or to get help. When the Pepper Blaster is activated the loud bang disorientates the assailant, the pepper cloud spreads around the assailant, and instantly all areas with moisture present are affected. The pepper will burn the eyes, nose, throat, as well as exposed skin. The assailant immediately goes into a panic state due to his eyesight being affected.

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  • Duke Pepper Storm Refill Kit


    1 x Plastic Bottle
    1 x Centre Ring
    1 x 12g COCanister
    1 x Kit Safety Clip
    1 x Tripwire Safety Clip

  • Direct Stream Pepperspray – 60ml


    Military Strength

    For personal protection against aggressors, intruders, attackers, and for the control of dangerous animals.

    Discharges in a tightly projected stream. Contains chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and temporary blindness used in policing and riot control.

    Ideal for hikers, joggers & cyclists.

  • Duke Pepper Storm Tripwire Kit


    1 x  Pre-Filled Plastic Bottle
    1 x Tension Spring
    1 x Centre Ring
    1 x CO2 Canister Holder
    1 x Pivot Handle
    1 x 12g COCanister
    1 x  Firing Head
    1 x 4m Tripwire Cord
    3 x Trigger Clips
    1 x Safety Clip

  • Duke Pepper Storm Kit


    1 x Pre-Filled Plastic Bottle + Cap
    1 x COCanister Holder
    1 x Tension Spring
    1 x Centre Ring
    1 x 12g COCanister
    1 x Safety Clip
    1 x Firing Head

  • Duke Extreme Irritant Projectiles


    7 / 25 / 125  Count

    Intended Use: Self Defence inside and outside

    Ingredients: 1% OC, 4% PAVA, Inert Fillers

    Size, weight: 0.68 Caliber 17,3mm, 3,2 – 3,4g

    Chemical Impact: Eyes extreme, Lungs High, Skin High, Physical Bruising

    Saturation: Extreme

  • Duke Sonic Boom Kit


    1 x Plastic Bottle
    1 x COCanister Holder
    1 x Tension Spring
    1 x Centre Ring
    1 x 12g COCanister
    1 x Safety Clip
    1 x Firing Head